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The West's Unhealthy Obsession with Sugar and Starchy Foods

The West's Unhealthy Obsession with Sugar and Starchy Foods

sugary food = empty calories = no nutrition

ai chi = noodles = food given to students overnight to pass exams

However, the problem with the study is not the food being eaten, but the preparing of the food and the mental conditioning we have all acquisition by rote.

While many may argue “Well, I prepare my own food! What else could I be eating?” The answer lies in the multitude of choices that are offered to us. Many, if not most, of us, subconsciously know that we should value the ‘foodskin’ or taste sensations, and steer clear or ease our desire for other foods ( McNair, 2006).

However, O’esque eating Habits created to satisfy taste buds, without regard to nutrition, corrodes the digestive tract overtime. That is, a diet rich in one type of food will not only affect the way the body feels, but will also affect the way the body feels by adding stress to already over-stressed digestive capacity, resulting in a scramble of activities and stress on the whole system, in addition to causing the discomfort of indigestion.

When a person’s internal scientificences are uncongested, we cannot help but feel our stress levels rising, and our stress reactions reaching an boiling point. Depending on the degree of uncongested food, this will result in poor health and reduced quality of life, showing that what seems unsavoury, in taste, is in fact delicious and tender.

While it is true that many of us will benefit by consuming certain simple carbohydrates, the reality is, complex carbohydrates are actually the best choice, since they digest easier and quicker, and also give more stable support to the body’s systems.

So, “How much of a carbohydrate is needed?” is not a simple question one answer needs to ask “How strongly I am opposed to all the fudge joints, diabetes and high blood pressure…”. Many of us will be glad to know that the answer is “less than a kilo a day”,(1/4 to 1/2) which might seem like a lot, but is much better than the average western diet. When you have been eating “like westerners” for a few weeks you will observe that elimination of high carbohydrate food and substitution with high protein and non-carbohydrate foods will dramatic reduce the ‘junk yardage’ in your bowel. Hence, if you are curious about how much white sugar and complex carbohydrate might be good for you, give it a shot. Also, many of the high carb foods like bagels, noodles, fruit cocktail, whole grain breads, cereals, pasta. Even some ‘natural’ non packaged food (gravy, butter, oils) will slow down digestion, and lead to what some call a “ketogenic” reaction, where thearteries strip down fat deposits and boost your metabolism. So, if you want to lose weight and gain a healthier body, stock up on the fewer carb foods.

Generally, the best choice in protein is organic animal protein, but poultry, and especially duck and goose are fine. All meat has obviously been conventionally raised, so any animal that is notorphanned is loaded with hormones. I haven’t seen any evidence of this (to me) but I am a little storyteller here, so bear with me. Anyhow, we digress…

The third reason to eat less carbohydrates is that many of us have developed nutrient deficiencies, especially with the B vitamins. These range from Vitamin B1 (thiamine) to the endocrine system (DHEA, etc). All of them are important to producing good quality sex hormones. If you are feeling a little gritty, you may be experiencing this too.

In my case, I have been dizzy, irritable, and tired. My sex drive was decent, but I was tired all the time. I had all these other symptoms as well. Not only do I now take B12, folic acid, B6 and magnesium, but I also include organic, enzymatic digestive enzymes in my daily regimen. I can’t say I eat that much, since I homemade most of my diet, but I certainly don’t take a lot of carbs. I tried for years to get my energy back, but I always felt slimmer and more energetic when I was eating a little more. Now that I’ve got my energy back, and a few pounds less, I feel much more mentally alert as well!

Carbohydrates are the root of the problem. Simple carbs are in general sugar and refined carbs. I believe refined carbs are the problem. Refined sugar, white flour, rice, and even many fruits are all problem carbs. I prefer to stay away from white flour and all things that have been processed for various reasons.

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