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L-Tryptophan - An Important Nutrient

L-Tryptophan - An Important Nutrient

L-Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids needed by the body. This substance was discovered in 1979 and it is an essential amino acid, meaning that it is not produced in the body and must be obtained through dietary intake.

L-Tryptophan is used in the production of phenylalanine, which is used to make better bodily recovery from physical stress, for example, by reducing inflammation. It was also determined that this amino acid may be useful in reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

L-Tryptophan is also used as a supplement for its possible precursor, 5-hydroxytryptophan, which increases the secretion of serotonin and dopamine, and is a precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine.

Besides supplementation, dietary sources of L-Tryptophan include eggs, dairy products, meat, fish, legumes (dry beans, lentils, garbanzos, peanuts, sunflower seeds, asparagus), wheat germ and sprouted grains.

Signification by the international pharmaceutical organization (such as the US Food and Drug Administration) that a food or dietary supplement is genuine and its safety is established, it must be considered as a tolerable quantity. This means that no adverse effects should be felt immediately. Further, the L-Tryptophan should be consumed with the approval of a physician, especially those with diabetes or thyroid conditions.

As important as this amino acid is, there are other amino acids that should be taken care of first. Ensure that all the other amino acids are taken care of first before taking L-Tryptophan. For example, carnitine and methionine should be taken at different times in order to ensure that these vital amino acids can work efficiently.

Additionally, L-Tryptophan should be consumed with the approval of a physician if a person suffers from any chronic medical condition or if he or she has a family history of serious medical disease.

As you can see, L-Tryptophan is an important nutrient that should be taken into consideration when you want to buy health supplements for bodybuilding or fitness. As always, when taking any type of supplement, it is important that you educate yourself and also ask a physician if it is OK for you to use any supplements that you are planning to buy.

Bodybuilding Supplements - L-Tryptophan

L-Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids that serve as fuel for the growth of our body’s muscles. While we lift weights, our body produces L-Tryptophan to use as a fuel source, especially during and after workouts. This amino acid is normally found in the stomach and, through a proper balance, all parts of the body. However, since people over weight from working long hours, our ability to produce enough L-Tryptophan may be compromised.

Now, for those who want to buy bodybuilding supplements, let’s see what are the stuff L-Tryptophan is used in. L-Tryptophan is the amino acid that has more illnesses than any other ones and if you don’t get enough L-Tryptophan, you are more likely to develop esophageal cancer than almost any other diseases. Babies who feel distressed during their first year especially, babies with neurological growth problems or growth plates detected in their genes could benefit from L-Tryptophan.

L-Tyrosine is the next amino acid after L-Tryptophan, and it too will promote health in our bodies by promoting the detoxification of our liver. It also regulates our body’s feel good chemicals, adrenaline and dopamine. Among the uses, it can be used for allergies, excess weight, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Like L-Tryptophan, it helps in the production of energy and protein synthesis in our bodies. It is also believed to alleviate depressive symptoms and improve schizophrenia symptoms.

All these amino acids are considered general purpose. That means they can be used in a host of bodybuilding nutritional supplements. They are highly recommended for bodybuilders, athletes and anyone who needs to increase muscle mass. Before taking any supplements or medication, it is however recommended that you consult with your doctor.

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