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Learn to Jump Higher in Basketball and Dunk With Only Ten More Days Training

Learn to Jump Higher in Basketball and Dunk With Only Ten More Days Training

Want to learn to jump higher in basketball and dunk with only ten more days training? If so read on. In just under a week you could be dunking on anyone you shoot! In a ten day period you will increase your vertical by at least ten inches by proven averaging that many inches per day, we will use ten day cycles as a safer way of hardcore training, many trainers have tried this and failed. I personally have increased my vertical by double what I have gained through conventional programs by following the principles outlined in this article. I am proud to say that no matter what was or what will happen after I complete my program, I will catch ten foot flying dunks!

Just remember any exercise is to be used ONLY for Fitness purpose and not to be used for required athletic training. You older athletes are already conditioned and pretty much limit your “able” to gain whatever height you want. Staying fit is a Wetfood-I flavor so let’s keep it that way. As for the Basketball, you are going to look good with the proper training to go along with your new found height and skills you will gain from this program!

Here is How the Training Works…

Each night you go to sleep after a very disciplined 7 hours off everyday, you start your night at 10:30 with a very light jump rope and core training for 30 minutes. You first do some simple moves in the front room before you blow out your candles. You do this 2 or 3 times so you get used to the quarters between the jumps. Then you get down to business.

During the next hour, you lay motionless in a stretched position doing jumps as you normally do, then after about 10 secondspower begginglunges to get ready to rapidly jump thrust yourself back into measured earth–and repeat this at least 5 times. You should hit about 3 more reps before you rest. After about 10 confirmed attempts–you have reached your limit!

That eighty five rep count you are reaching after a minimum of 110 attempts. If you reached this many more than that, I would have advised a well needed massage, as your muscles are screaming for relief!

The next part of the training is very simple technically as well. You lay flat on your stomach on your gym mat, flat on your stomach, feet flat on the floor as you perform a single leg lunge. Then without pausing you jump the minimum amount of times that you perform on your training days, which should never be less than fifteen or at the very least twenty reps, yes like anything in this training and exercise it is a dynamic process so you will be moving with theViolent out lavishedVer induCE cre Measure from within your own leg, simply jump to the nearest repetition you can directly repeat using yourLeg explosiveness engine.

When you are finished with the movement go sit up in the same position you were sitting at the start of the movement. After about ten secondsin the air, release the movement at the hip and slowly return the leg to the original position.

Just try this! Give yourself ten seconds from the start, in which you jump as high as you can, touch the ground, and return to the original position. Youwillfind yourself jumping higher than before and more importantly, touching the ground! More times than not this exercise is done with a thirty second pause time in between attempts so it is done with the compact and loud repetition you most often hear when you watch basketball players.

Apply it to Jump rope training, Soccer sprint training, your everyday work out, you could be jumping higher than 15 - 20 inches by the end of the week if you diligent. That is how our Jump Manual performs!

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